Meet Sister Ann Carmel Badalamente

Sr. Ann Carmel Badalamente tells that when several of her friends were entering Notre Dame after high school, she chose instead to work in the family business. She did that for three years before she, too, decided she wanted to enter the Notre Dame de Namur community. Her first esposure to the Sisters was as a student at Sacred Heart Elementary School in downtown San Jose.

After receiving her master’s degree in administration from San Jose State College, Sister taught or was principal in California, Oregon and Washington state schools. One of the most energizing assignments she received was to become a “foundation stone” for St. Thomas More School in Lynnwood, Washington. She comments, “I felt the affirmation and privilege of being entrusted with beginning this school and being named its principal. I loved the community and the children.”

Sr. Ann Carmel Badalamente as a young woman employed at her family’s grocery store in San Jose.

Later as principal at St. Lucy’s School in Campbell, Sr. Ann interviewed Sue Grover for a teaching position. Sue remembers, “Sr. Ann and I met and I instantly liked her. Being a naïve first year teacher, I was grateful for her guidance. Her humor, kindness and willingness to help are the special gifts that I will always treasure.”

Because of Sr. Ann Carmel’s warm and friendly presence, she was asked to serve as the receptionist in the new Province Center in Belmont–a job she held for many years.

Sacred Heart Elementary, where she first met ths Sisters, closed in the ’70s. For years, she volunteered in the resurrected, Jesuit-run Sacred Heart Nativity School library with Sr. Yvonne Bondi, also an alumna. This coming full circle appealed to Sr. Ann Carmel.

She now assists the Province Development office with special projects and brightens life at the Province Center with her good sense of humor.

Please consider making a donation to honor Sr. Ann Carmel’s many years of service as a Sister.


  1. Hello Sister Ann Carmel. Back in 1999, my father in law Ben Margherone arranged for myself and my two daughters to purchase 3 of your Toyota Corollas. I got your 1993 Red Corolla. It has been a wonderful car all this time. Now that its 20 years old, I want to purchase a newer car, and wondered if you were selling any of your used cars. ?Just thought I’d inquire. Thanks so much, Maryclare

  2. Sister Ann Carmel
    Are you the same “Nun” that was at Dolores School in Santa Barbara? Remember me, I coached and I would drive you and the other sisters, Loretta Marie, Mary Dominic, from your convent on Santa Barbara street to school. I was surfing the web about Santa Barbara and thought of you, if you are the correct Sister Ann Carmel, hello, If not may God continue to bless you.
    Paul Carrozzo

    1. Hello, Paul! Yes, you’re correct that Sr. Ann Carmel was there. Your kind message has been passed on to her.

  3. Well, since Sr Ann Carmel was hands down St. Stephens; Portland Oregon, class of ‘65, favorite teacher. We feel slighted in this article. Our school and city weren’t even mentioned.
    Our class still gets together regularly (just yesterday, 8/5/2018) and she ALWAYS comes up as THE BEST EVER!!
    So let it be known, she was there and made a life long impression on all of us!

    1. Ellen,

      Thanks for letting us know that Sr. Ann Carmel was as wonderful then as she is now! I’ve sent her your message and I’m sure she’ll be pleased to know that your class is still close.

  4. I too attended St. Stephens in Portland Or, class of ’67, and have thought of Sister Ann Carmel many times over the years. She was unique, in that she genuinely seemed to like us. Not everyone is equipped to deal with a classroom of 6th graders, full of raging hormones, but she did so without demeaning us or appearing arrogant. I felt like she ‘got me’, and she remains that one teacher whose memory still brings a smile. I don’t expect that she remembers me after all these years as I wasn’t exactly a star student, but I’m happy to have a chance to let her know that she made a difference.

    1. Sandy,

      Thank you so much for this message for Sr. Ann Carmel! Not only does she remember your class clearly, but she remembers you and your mother as well. I’ve given her your note and she’s delighted to hear from you.

      Communications Associate

  5. Thank you for your response. It brought a tear to my eye, and I know it would have to Mom’s as well. She lived with us for the last few years of her life, and although Alzheimer’s robbed her of many things her memories of her time spent coaching, on the PTA, and singing in the choir at St. Stephens remained intact – as did her memory of Sister Ann Carmel, whom she always referred to as Sister Ann. Thanks to both of you for the walk down memory lane. I still keep in contact with a number of my old classmates, and will share this experience with them. Blessings!

  6. Jeff Barron here…also attended St Stephens…enjoyed Sr Ann Carmel ….in the same class as Sandy Stopper, Larry DeMarco…my dad Bud(Floyd) Barron was on the School board as well as the Althletic Director…my 5 siblings also SS
    Lori, John, George, David and Michael…pls give Sr a shout out…Maggie Morrison was 5th grade teacher @ the same time
    God Bless, Jeff Barron

  7. Very best wishes on your 90th birthday!!!
    Your email address must have changed. You did not get my emails birthday greeting last year.
    Do you have a new email address? I’d love to keep in touch.

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