Sister June (Andrew) Canoles (1929-2020)

Sr. June Delight Canoles was born June 21, 1929. She loved life, adventure, people, humor, teaching and entertaining. In her early days in community, she excelled as a first-grade teacher. Her community remembers how her fun ways kept them all sane. As a principal, she was full of surprises-even riding a motorcycle into a student assembly!

June's passion was helping people. When asked about her ministries, she responded, "I was a teacher and administrator and then I had my own handwriting analysis and consulting business (Insyte) for 45 years. Hardly missing a beat, she'd ask her fascinated listeners, "Would you like me to analyze your handwriting for you?" Enthusiastically sharing Insyte opened doors and opportunities worldwide to her and her dear colleague Sister Harriet, sf.

June's approach was positive and encouraging. She presented problems in a person's handwriting of the Myers-Briggs Inventory as opportunities to become more effective in life and relationships. People around the world appreciated the ways she helped them understand one another and learn to accept others and themselves for who they are.

Sister June Canoles, SNDdeN was great-minded, magnanimous, energetic, positive, fun, spiritual, creative, loving and never missed an opportunity to call forth the unique gifts of each individual.
– Sr. Cathy Waldron

Young June Canoles was not doing well in public school. Knowing that a change was needed, her mother enrolled her at Villa Angelica, the war-time school just opened by the Sisters of Notre Dame at their retreat center in Carmel. Later June would become a boarder at Moreland Notre Dame School in Watsonville also run by the Sisters. Though not a Catholic at the time, June loved the school, the girls and the Sisters.

By 1948, in her senior year of high school, June was dating a boy, playing violin in the Monterey Symphony Orchestra and riding motorcycles. She knew she could be happy marrying the boy and raising a family together. "But," she thought, "if I become a Sister my life will be bigger, with wider influence."  She chose to become a Sister and remembers entering the convent thinking, "I'm home!"

Sr. June on a field trip.

The classroom soon became home too, as Sr. June plunged into teaching second grade at Sacred Heart in Salinas. She would go on to teach primary grades throughout California, Oregon and Washington, including St. Francis of Assisi in Seahurst, WA, Sacred Heart School in Saratoga, CA, and at her alma mater, Moreland in Watsonville, CA.  She would also direct a 60-voice children's choir at Mt. Carmel in Redwood City.

Sr. June loved teaching and children, but after 36 years she was ready for a new challenge.  During the '70s she received permission from the provincial superior to explore the science of handwriting analysis (graphology) as a ministry option. After extensive training Sr. June took on clients and was aided by Sr. Harriet Dow, OSF, who helped her build the business.  Corporations were particularly keen to discover if prospective employees were efficient, honest, decisive, optimistic, able to multi-task and had good interpersonal skills. Religious orders wanted to know if a candidate was a good match for religious life. Individuals called hoping to discover traits about themselves. For several years, Sr. June was employed by casinos owned by Donald Trump!

As the business grew, Sr. June and Sr. Harriet founded insyte, Inc. (1983). "The insyte dream was a quiet and subtle ministry…reaching out to all people, the church, unchurched, the fallen, the abused-especially women-using handwriting analysis to support, encourage and motivate them to reach their full potential; to believe in themselves."  Business associate Loretta DuBois shares, "Sr. June's reputation among handwriting analysts is well known and far reaching and her knowledge of the craft is precise, effective and admirable."

Now an octogenarian, Sr. June is living at the Province Center and is grateful for choosing "the bigger life."

Watch the video below to see Sr. June bring her characteristic good spirits and sense of fun while playing the spoons at the 2018 Province Center Christmas Party!

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  1. Aloha Sister June!

    I'm hoping you remember me! Somehow you popped into my head today so I googled you and I've been enjoying reading all about you and your life.

    I trust you are well and happy.

    Mahalo, Ruthie Chong

  2. Dear Sr. June,
    If it was you who called me last week, please email me to provide me with your email address if this one is not your preferred one. I do not hear well on the phone.
    My wife is definitely in need of your prayers!
    Ray McDonald

  3. Sister Canoles, would you do a handwriting analysis for me? With thanks and a high regard for how you have helped so many people in their lives. Elaine Hodge P.S From your profile in On Women Turning 60, I've already learned about crossing my t's rather than floating the cross above the vertical line. I want my dreams, God willing, to come true. And one dream would be to have you do my analysis.

  4. Dear Sister Jane

    Was it YOU that called me today ?
    If so please pray for me and my brother Joe
    And friend Lucia Von Clemm

    Thank you

  5. Hi Sister June. I hope you are well and that we can connect with each other. Please e-mail me how to reach you. You have been on my mind. Warm regards, Margaret

  6. Dear Sister June: I taught at Moreland ND for one year (1969 – 1970), 5th & 6th grade math, science, and spelling. At the time I was a 2nd year graduate at the Moss Landing Marine Laboratories. The next year I was hired by Hartnell College, Salinas. I retired,in 2003, after 32 years as a professor of Biology and, in 2004, my wife and I moved to Carmel, up on the southwest side of Jack's Peak.

    I'm currently writing a personal history for our children (2) and grandchildren (4) and, of course, wanted to include my Moreland ND experience, which was life-changing – led me to a lifetime of teaching!

    If you don't mind, I'd appreciate receiving your email address so I can send you a couple of photos and to tell you, in brief ,what I've done since '69-'70 and I'd like to hear the same from you.

    I had contacted Ms Grul and asked her a couple of questions about you and she wrote back saying that you were in Belmont and still involved in handwriting analysis – that's how I found this website.

    Best regards,

    Rich Ajeska

    1. Mr. Ajjeska,
      I was in your class at MND that year. You were a great teacher and I am glad to hear that you went on to a successful career in education.

      Michele Leonardich Bowling

  7. Hi June,
    I was just doing some editing of my memoir and came across your name and thought I'd look you up. I hope you don't mind, I put your real name in my book (while others ended up having fake names). If so, please let me know. I hope you are doing well! I continue to have such fond memories of our times together. God Bless You, June! With much love, Jan Hafner

  8. Sister June! It's Eric Shea from Sacred Heart (in Saratoga). I don't know if you remember, but you taught me how to play guitar in third grade. I just wanted to say thank you!! I'm still playing guitar and performing in two recording/touring rock bands. I think about you almost every time I fret a D chord (the first one you taught me). I sure hope all is great with you and that music is still in your world!

  9. Hi sister June,
    Maybe you can remember me??? It's been years since I took your classes and learned so much.
    There was a trip to Asilomar once, and Harriet was still with you.

    I wanted to get in touch with Loretta. Is 408 268 8965 still her number?

    All good wishes,

    Christiane Chadda

  10. Hi June. I am in the process of "cleaning out stuff" from old files and found the analysis you did for me many, many years ago! You were either in training or just finished training. It was summertime; we were in the pool at Saratoga, and you were telling me about your studies. I was soooo excited when you said you'd do an analysis for me! Maybe I was a homework assignment for you?! Anyway, I was so impressed with your analysis, while not appreciating some results, I've kept it all these years! Now, I have to read it again to see what continues to be true! It was really fun to see you in the video– I've already shown it to others! Continue to be happy and well. Fondly, Marylou

  11. Hi Sister June,
    I just finished listening to a cassette tape recording of a handwriting analysis session you did for me 26 years ago!! It was just wonderful to hear your words again and realize how right you were!!

    I am wondering if you know of anyone who could do a handwriting analysis for my brother. He is 80 now and going through a very hard time. I think the kind of analysis you did for me at that time might be helpful to him. He lives in Los Gatos.

    Thank you again for what you did for me so many years ago. I am 81 now and pretty much thriving… much as an old lady can be!!
    Linda vartanina

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