Blessed are the sorrowing… Novena Day 2

Artwork by Sr. Margaret Hoffman, SNDdeN

Jesus –
a man the children
a kind man
who healed and freed
the lame to walk again
and the blind to see,
who consoled the sorrowing.

He was a quiet man
by money changers in his Father’s temple,
by their arrogance and grabbing asperity,
by the stink of sickened animals.

Dare I be like
him –
a consoler –
and enraged?

ACTION: Sr. Dorothy Stang practiced simple kindness every day. Where do you see kindness needed? Consolation? Today offer a small kindness or consolation in a place where it is needed.

This reflection was written by Sr. Kay McMullen, SNDdeN. A poet and a gardener, Sister also coordinates the Mission Appeal program. Sr. Joan Krimm, SNDdeN, selected the Dorothy Stang quotation.