Blessed are the single-hearted… Novena Day 6

Artwork by Sr. Margaret Hoffman, SNDdeN.

Dorothy, your single-heartedness came from always keeping your gaze on Jesus crucified. This gave you courage to forge ahead when meeting opposition on every side.

PRAYER: Jesus, you too were constantly humiliated and challenged by the powerful. Yet, you always spoke the Truth. We ask for the grace to speak up on behalf of the powerless. We pray for the grace to continue to "see," understand and act on behalf of environmental justice especially in our own corner of the world.

ACTION: Take time to listen to nature communicating with you. Delight in a bird's song. Stand still and feel the wind caress your face. Look at and be bathed by the beauty of a sunset. What in you life needs to be reconciled?

This reflection was written by Sr. Jacinta Martinez, SNDdeN, Sr. Joan Krimm, SNDdeN, selected the Dorothy Stang quotation.