Sisters Serving in Africa and Latin America

There are Sisters of Notre Dame serving in 19 countries worldwide.

Some of those Sisters are from the United States. Among them are Sisters Carolyn Buhs, Sandy Price and Phyllis Cook.

Training teachers in South Sudan

Sr. Carolyn Buhs is part of the team training new teachers in the struggling nation of South Sudan. Click here to read Sr. Carolyn's updates from South Sudan.



Bringing schools and medical care to rural Nicaraguan communities

Sr. Sandy Price has helped start primary schools, trained teachers and provided health education for leaders in Nicaragua for many years. She has also helped start programs for handicapped children and adult literacy. Click here to watch a video about Sr. Sandy's work.

Providing support and counsel to young Sisters of Notre Dame

Sr. Phyllis Cook is based in Kenya, where she works at a local school. However, her greatest joy and most important role is to give support and counsel to Kenyan Sisters of Notre Dame. When Sr. Phyllis was contemplating  returning to the U.S., the Kenyan Sisters pleaded with her to stay, because her experience as a long-time Sister of Notre Dame is an invaluable resource for them.


Please click here to make a donation to support the living expenses of Sisters serving in Africa and Latin America.