Sister Ann Carmel Badalamente

Sister Ann Carmel Badalamente says that her first exposure to the Notre Dame Sisters was as a student at Sacred Heart Elementary School in downtown San Jose and later, at Notre Dame High School. When several of her friends were entering the convent after high school, she chose instead to work in the family grocery store. As one of seven children, she stocked shelves and not only took orders, she also delivered them. After three years she decided she did want to enter the Notre Dame de Namur community.

After the Novitiate, Sister’s first assignment was to Moreland Notre Dame School in Watsonville. Later, one of her challenging experiences was merging Our Lady of Guadalupe School in Santa Barbara with Dolores School in the same city, known today as Notre Dame School.

One of her especially energizing assignments was as a “foundation stone” for St. Thomas More School in Lynnwood, Washington, which started with grades one through three. She helped the school develop into the elementary and junior high school it is today. “It’s still going strong!” she comments. “I felt the affirmation and privilege of being entrusted with beginning this school and being named its principal. I loved the community and the children.”

Sister Ann Carmel recalls with fondness another achievement while she served as principal at St. Lucy School in Campbell. She recruited Sue Grover, a former student, for a teaching position. Sue remembers, “Sr. Ann and I met and I instantly liked her. Being a naïve first year teacher, I was grateful for her guidance. Her humor, kindness and willingness to help are the special gifts that I will always treasure.” Sue went on to teach eighth grade, then became principal, where she serves to this day. Sr. Ann Carmel is proud that Sue continues to emphasize the teachings and spirit of St. Julie.

Sacred Heart Elementary School, where, as a child, she first met the Sisters, closed in the 1970s. For several years though, she volunteered with fellow-alumna Sr. Yvonne Bondi in the library at the Jesuit-run Sacred Heart Nativity School it became. This coming full circle appealed to Sister Ann Carmel.

In 1992, Sister Ann Carmel began serving as the Office Manager at the Provincial House in Saratoga. When the time came in 2003 to sell that property, she assisted with the monumental task of moving from Saratoga into the newly constructed Province Center in Belmont. Because of Sister Ann Carmel’s warm and friendly presence, she was asked to serve as the receptionist in the new Province Center–a position she held for many years. Again, Sisters Ann Carmel and Yvonne would work side by side as volunteers there – another full circle!

Over the course of her long and varied career, Sister Ann Carmel received her master’s degree in administration from San Jose State College. She has also served for 35 years as the Coordinator of the Car Committee, which involved procuring, registering, maintaining, insuring, and selling the vehicles driven by the Sisters.

With family and friends, Sister celebrated her 90th birthday in 2019. She now assists the Province Development office, along with other special projects. She enjoys life at the Province Center. She thanks God for her good sense of humor — and so does everyone who knows her!

“When I started as a Sister of Notre Dame, I did not imagine that life as an SND. would be so interesting. I could go ON AND ON about all the amazing things I’ve experienced over the past 70 years!”

Sisters Vivian Snow, Jeanette Tredway, Ann Carmel Badalamente and Cecilia Wallace floating on the Truckee River at Lake Tahoe, CA.

Sister Ann Carmel's Ministries


1953-54 Moreland Notre Dame School, Watsonville, CA
1954-56 Sacred Heart School, Salinas, CA
1956-61 Guadalupe School, Santa Barbara, CA
1961-62 St. Dunstan School, Millbrae, CA
1962-65  St. Stephen School, Portland, OR
1965-66 St. Mark School, Seattle, WA
1966-72 St. Thomas More, Lynnwood, WA (Founding Principal)
1972-74 Guadalupe School,Santa Barbara, CA (Principal)
1974-78 Notre Dame School, Santa Barbara, CA (Principal)
1978-86 St. Lucy School, Campbell, CA (Principal)
2007-10 Sacred Heart/Nativity School, San Jose, CA


1986-87 Property Manager, Notre Dame High School, San Jose, CA
1987-91 Bookkeeper, St. Lucy School, Campbell, CA
1991-92 Administrative Assistant, Notre Dame High School, San Jose, CA

Service to the Sisters

1992-2003 Office Manager Provincial House, Saratoga, CA
1992-Present Coordinator of the Car Committee, Belmont, CA
2003-07 Office Manager, Province Center, Belmont, CA
2010-Present Development Special Projects, Belmont, CA

Sister Ann Carmel Badalamente (front row, second from right) with family in 2010.


  1. Hello Sister Ann Carmel. Back in 1999, my father in law Ben Margherone arranged for myself and my two daughters to purchase 3 of your Toyota Corollas. I got your 1993 Red Corolla. It has been a wonderful car all this time. Now that its 20 years old, I want to purchase a newer car, and wondered if you were selling any of your used cars. ?Just thought I'd inquire. Thanks so much, Maryclare

  2. Sister Ann Carmel
    Are you the same "Nun" that was at Dolores School in Santa Barbara? Remember me, I coached and I would drive you and the other sisters, Loretta Marie, Mary Dominic, from your convent on Santa Barbara street to school. I was surfing the web about Santa Barbara and thought of you, if you are the correct Sister Ann Carmel, hello, If not may God continue to bless you.
    Paul Carrozzo

    1. Hello, Paul! Yes, you're correct that Sr. Ann Carmel was there. Your kind message has been passed on to her.

  3. Well, since Sr Ann Carmel was hands down St. Stephens; Portland Oregon, class of ‘65, favorite teacher. We feel slighted in this article. Our school and city weren’t even mentioned.
    Our class still gets together regularly (just yesterday, 8/5/2018) and she ALWAYS comes up as THE BEST EVER!!
    So let it be known, she was there and made a life long impression on all of us!

    1. Ellen,

      Thanks for letting us know that Sr. Ann Carmel was as wonderful then as she is now! I've sent her your message and I'm sure she'll be pleased to know that your class is still close.

  4. I too attended St. Stephens in Portland Or, class of '67, and have thought of Sister Ann Carmel many times over the years. She was unique, in that she genuinely seemed to like us. Not everyone is equipped to deal with a classroom of 6th graders, full of raging hormones, but she did so without demeaning us or appearing arrogant. I felt like she 'got me', and she remains that one teacher whose memory still brings a smile. I don't expect that she remembers me after all these years as I wasn't exactly a star student, but I'm happy to have a chance to let her know that she made a difference.

    1. Sandy,

      Thank you so much for this message for Sr. Ann Carmel! Not only does she remember your class clearly, but she remembers you and your mother as well. I've given her your note and she's delighted to hear from you.

      Communications Associate

  5. Thank you for your response. It brought a tear to my eye, and I know it would have to Mom's as well. She lived with us for the last few years of her life, and although Alzheimer's robbed her of many things her memories of her time spent coaching, on the PTA, and singing in the choir at St. Stephens remained intact – as did her memory of Sister Ann Carmel, whom she always referred to as Sister Ann. Thanks to both of you for the walk down memory lane. I still keep in contact with a number of my old classmates, and will share this experience with them. Blessings!

  6. Jeff Barron here…also attended St Stephens…enjoyed Sr Ann Carmel ….in the same class as Sandy Stopper, Larry DeMarco…my dad Bud(Floyd) Barron was on the School board as well as the Althletic Director…my 5 siblings also SS
    Lori, John, George, David and Michael…pls give Sr a shout out…Maggie Morrison was 5th grade teacher @ the same time
    God Bless, Jeff Barron

  7. Very best wishes on your 90th birthday!!!
    Your email address must have changed. You did not get my emails birthday greeting last year.
    Do you have a new email address? I'd love to keep in touch.

  8. Congratulations to you sr. Ann Carmel! I didn’t go to school with you, but I did meet you later on with sr. Virginia. I graduated in 1944 and my mother in 1920. My grandaughter, Catalina will start n.d. This fall, so she will be 3rd generation. I’m so proud of n. D. And still credit the sisters for everything I know. Love to you and sr. Virginia. Jan Salberg.

  9. Such a legacy, Sr. Ann Carmel! Notre Dame is the better for having your charm, wit and smarts! Thank you for your love of life and the joy you bring to all!

  10. Congratulations Sister Ann Carmel on your 70th Anniversary. Thank you for your many years of faithful dedication. May God Bless You.

  11. Congratulations Sister Ann Carmel from the whole Hough Family. We love you and appreciate all you did when you were at St Lucy’s. You were the best.

  12. God bless you Sister. So many years of service! I was in Saratoga from 1950-52 and I think I remember you. So happy for my own experience where I learned so much about life. Delighted to read your Bibliography.

  13. Hi Mella,

    Congratulations on your Jubilee! You just keep going strong.


    Jim and Arlene McDonald

  14. Congratulations, Sr. Ann..Will never forget all the wonderful years we had at The Notre Dame School in Santa Barbara. The schools' merger with Our Lady of Guadalupe School went so smoothly because of your efforts and we, students and parents, at the previous Dolores School had no idea what a pleasure we had ahead of us working with you as our Principal.
    Our Charles text me today to tell me to be sure to look on Facebook Messenger. Our whole family remembers you so fondly. Thank you for all that went before and please remember us in your prayers. May God continue to bless you.

  15. Sr. Ann Carmel: a personal tribute
    Although Sr. Ann Carmel's ability to impact the lives of her colleagues, her students and their parents is well known, I would like to pay tribute to one of her many gifts that stands out – the gift of friendship in the community of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.

    We all know the truth of this saying, "Once a friend, always a friend." This is so true of Ann Carmel, as it was of our founders, St. Julie Billiart and Mother St. Joseph, Francis Blin de Bourdain.

    I first met Ann Carmel, when I was missioned to the Northwest. As a young sister in her twenties, I was thrilled because I had been told that Washington and Oregon were, "The land of the free and the home of the brave!".

    This phrase, coined by Ann Carmel and her friends, Dolores Fowler, Cecilia Wallace, and June Canoles, gave expression to the fact that we were far away from the "hub" in California, and thus able to be a little "less inhibited" in our lifestyle. The "home of the brave" referred to Portland, Oregon, where their pastor was the Superintendent of schools!

    Cecilia and Ann Carmel, although they lived in neighboring parishes in the Seattle area, made our separate communities centers of love, laughter and FUN, as we came together almost weekly. The two communities, St. Thomas in Lynnwood and St. Mark's in Seattle, shared many adventures, too numerous to mention!

    Ann Carmel, with her humor, and Cecilia, with her "unflappable" personality, were committed to community life and the ideals of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.

    They did not need to express this in words, instead they lived it with all their hearts. Thus, as Superiors, they were perfect mentors for the young sisters in their charge, as we began the transition out of habits and into new ministries and new ways of living the commitment of religious life.

    I have mentioned both Ann Carmel and Cecilia because I rarely think of one without the other. They BOTH were, and have remained my mentors, and over the years, I have turned to them to help me navigate the ups and downs of life in this changing world. (Thank God we are finally on the same page politically!)

    A song we all sang while together in the Northwest was, "Those were the days my friends, I thought they'd never end…" And they haven't!

  16. Dear Sr. Ann, it’s great to see you many years later, thriving and working your passion. We had many good years together at Notre Dame, I can look back and appreciate all the good souls and people that I will never forget. Sr. Virginia Marie my piano teacher, Mrs. Gulley, Tangney, Nelson, Syler, everyone. I know I put you and my mom Josie through some grief, but hey why not spice it up a bit! My thoughts and prayers are with you always, cheers to a great life!

    Nicky Cabugos
    Thanks Leandro Molina for forwarding the link!

  17. Dear Sister Ann Carmel,
    You were my first-grade teacher at Sacred Heart School in Salinas and I remember you fondly. Your warmth and kindness still resonate with me all these years later.

  18. Dear Sister Ann Carmel,
    I think of you and the other sisters with such fond memories. I have such wonderful memories of the love you shared with the young Lehman children at St Thomas More. I pray you are well and enjoying the year after your Jubilee.

    Janet (Lehman) Betts

    1. Thank you for thinking of Sister Ann Carmel, Janet! I've forwarded her your message.

      Nappy New Year!

      (for the Sisters)

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