Anti-Racism Statements from the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur

Statement from the Worldwide Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur

The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur condemn the brutal killing of George Floyd by police officers. This latest atrocity once again highlights the lack of respect for the dignity of people of color especially our black brothers and sisters. We join all those across the globe who condemn oppression, discrimination and racism. This sin of racism must be recognized, addressed and ended in all corners of our local and global society. We stand with those who work for justice.

The horrific video of George Floyd’s killing will not be forgotten. May it move us to a deeper recognition and respect for human life. We offer prayers of consolation, support and healing to the Floyd Family.

As an international Congregation, we acknowledge our own institutional complicity in racist attitudes, bias and behavior. We ask forgiveness for our failures in facing racism within our own institution.

We commit to continue working for the changes needed to protect Black Americans of all ages from personal criticism, violence, terror, and fear for self and their loved ones.

-June 8, 2020

Statement from the Leadership Team of the U.S. East-West Province

Our Christian faith and the values of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur cry out for justice and compassion, and we, on behalf of the United States East-West Province of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur cry out that Black Lives Matter. We stand in solidarity with black women and men in our country in denouncing the killing of George Floyd and so many others.

We are deeply concerned that decisions made by the US Administration continue to foster a racist and isolated society. We, the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur of the US East-West Province, actively work against these attitudes in our advocacy, and in our ministries. We look forward to the day when our country’s leadership will reflect that as well.

In this present moment, we mourn with all members of the black community, who have and continue to suffer unjust actions at the hands of law enforcement and other systems in our society. We cannot remain silent. We are committed to working against systemic racism. We condemn the continued killing of black men and women, the constant harassment of people of color, and the denial of rights and dignity to our African American sisters and brothers. We strongly advocate for change and will lobby for legislation to change law enforcement restraining practices that so easily lead to death as well as racial profiling. We advocate for the full accountability and retraining of law enforcement.

With the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, we pledge to raise our voices and to act now to end the scourge of institutional racism, which has cost us so dearly. It is long past time to dismantle white privilege and to rededicate ourselves to building God’s beloved community. Our Christian faith and our Notre Dame values compel us to cry out for justice and compassion.

– June 12, 2020

Statement from the US SNDdeN Anti-Racism Team

The US SNDdeN Anti-Racism Team for over 20 years has worked against systemic racism and for policies and actions that will move us toward a just society for people of all races. We firmly believe that now is a defining moment, an inflection point in our history. It is a time when all of us must say loudly and clearly that racism and white privilege are intolerable and unacceptable.

In the US there has been a disproportionate number of people of color who are unemployed, uninsured, dying from Covid-19. Black and brown citizens have been murdered. The long history of racism in the US continues to manifest its sinfulness in coordinated, intentional and deliberate efforts to dehumanize human beings we have been taught to fear.

We urge sisters, associates, colleagues, friends and neighbors and all people in the United States to be in solidarity with the people of our cities, suburbs and rural areas in all fifty states who are demanding that justice and accountability go had in hand and that the killing of any human being is reprehensible.


  1. Your goals are correct however please do not partner with groups who advance abortion, Marxism and the overthrow of the United States Government.

    Most white peoples are not racist and we don’t appreciate you saying we have white privilege. I grew up poor and my parents had to work 4 jobs to send me to Notre Dame Academy.

    Violence is never an answer including rioters and aborting the unborn.

  2. Thank you to the Sisters for your support and engagement in this vitally important Work of Anti-Racist Education!

  3. We have white privilege at birth, poor or wealthy.
    Our upbringing may be humble, and we may have to struggle to be able "to afford", but once we have the $, we have admittance.
    Once black or brown people have the $, they face the NEXT hurdle–the color of their skin,
    We don't.

    We don't ASK for white privilege, but we have it.

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