International Day for Biological Diversity

This May 22nd, we celebrate the International Day for Biological Diversity. We Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur enthusiastically celebrate this day, a day we can reflect on God’s awesome work of art in nature.

This year, the theme of the 2022 International Day for Biological Diversity is “Building a shared future for all life.” Pope Francis has called upon us to take care of our common home. We take care of the planet in its entirety. Its air and water. Its plants and animals and all of its environment. The planet is not healthy unless we are maintaining its biodiversity. We need to be aware of the declining number of species in the world. As we educate ourselves, we need to share what we learn with others.

What is biodiversity loss? Biodiversity refers to the vast number of distinct species of plants and animals around the world. Biodiversity loss, meaning that the number of unique species is declining, has been happening for decades. The way to respond to biodiversity loss is to fight for or against the factors that are creating the loss, like climate change. Climate change has altered ocean temperatures and invasive species threaten ecosystems. Slowing and stopping human made pollution should be our first fight. We are also using resources faster than the Earth can renew them and polluting the air and oceans.

Humanity has accomplished extraordinary technological feats, but we must rely on the Earth’s healthy ecosystems for food, water, medicine, clothes, shelter, energy, and much more. We must implement changes in our current ways of living, or ecosystems will continue to struggle for survival.

Start by reducing, reusing, and recycling the materials you use so they do not end up in animals’ homes. Choose your sunscreen carefully before you go swimming. Spread awareness to those around you. As we commit to change and care for the environment, we will see many more species live long and healthy lives.

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