Day 5 – Hope for Landless Families


Sister Dorothy, educator, pioneer woman and martyr,

instill in us a fierce love for the poor and vulnerable.

You who championed the right of poor farming families

to possess a piece of land and to live in dignity on it;

You who helped them organize and work cooperatively

in creating an infrastructure in the forest

of roads, schools, small stores, and pastoral centers;

You who never gave up working for the people until they gained

a legally recognized federal reserve in the rainforest;

You who helped them live in harmony with nature

through the Project of Sustainable Development;

Give us HOPE for land reform, justice and peace,

Give us respect for the poor,

Give us HOPE for the preservation of the rainforest.

“Dorothy, woman of HOPE, whose smile and force stemmed
from faith in the goodness of our God who does not abandon the people. We thank you for your journey and struggle, which is our journey and struggle.”

written by Sister Sandra Araujo dos Santos, SND, after Dorothy’s assassination.

Help us to be faithful to your legacy of HOPE!

Written by Sr. Barbara English, SND. Sr. Bobby, who went to Brazil in 1966 with Sister Dorothy Stang, created this prayer based on interviews with Dorothy. Today she serves as part of the East-West Unit Leadership Team.