Day 6 – Hope for the Rainforest

Dorothy educated me to a new depth of understanding about the richness of our universe. She focused on the wonders of the forest, the basic needs it fills for humans, for animals and plant life.  Her words continue to inspire me.


In the Amazon, Dorothy lived among small farmers and encouraged them in community building, in home building and in crop and livestock development. She always taught with Gospel examples. The messages gave the people strength.

And because of Dorothy and the Sisters working in the forest today, there are now 85 farming communities in Anapu; there were only 35 when Dorothy died. Some have built brick houses and have electricity in their homes. They develop products from the cacao plant and acai trees and set up schools for their children.

Theirs is not an easy life.

We are grateful to Sisters of Notre Dame and others who help to shore up the courageous rainforest settlers in the face of continuing violence.

We who are listening and watching and praying can continue to support our Sisters in Brazil.


We thank you God
We thank you for Dorothy Stang
who has given us hope.

Help us to carry on her endeavors
in Brazil and
on our planet.

Our gift to her, to You —
each day one small effort
for Mother Earth.

Written by Michele Murdock. Michele is the author of A Journey of Courage, the Amazing Story of Sister Dorothy Stang. She is a full-time writer and Board Chair of Notre Dame Mission Volunteers AmeriCorps. She continues to be moved by the memory of Sr. Dorothy and all the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur with whom she has worked.