Blessed are you when they insult you… Novena Day 9

Artwork by Sr. Margaret Hoffman, SNDdeN.

Dorothy, they did speak lies about you, and persecute you and eventually murder you. They tried to silence you, but through your death, you became the "seed that fell to the ground." And your passion for the earth and love for the poor has sprouted! Your life and work are known worldwide and continue to provide a spotlight on injustice in the rainforest and be an inspiration to many.

PRAYER: We pray for the strength to stand with our sisters and brothers in Brazil through prayer, advocacy and action.

ACTION: Ask yourself: "Am I living simply and not taking from the earth more than I need?" Think of one thing you can change that will be gentler on the earth.

This reflection was written by Sr. Jacinta Martinez, SNDdeN.  Sr. Joan Krimm, SNDdeN, selected the Dorothy Stang quotation.