Reflection from Psalm 106

by Sr. Kay McMullen, SNDdeN 

My heart is steadfast,
my heart is steadfast.

I want to sing!
I want to make music with clarinet and mandolin, with sitar and bongos and penny whistle.
I want to be awake soul-deep, world singing, making a racket to wake the dawn in praise of you.

Your steadfast love is bigger than the sky,
and no woman, nor man, nor child, nor telescope can see the end of it.

Your faithfulness is as trustworthy as sunrise and sunset.
May my heart be always steadfast,
always steadfast in praise.

Holy One, Creator, Mother of all that is,
bring your people into your love
that we may be safe from ourselves
and from all evil.

Keep our hearts steadfast,
steadfast in your compassion and peace, our only securities.