Farewell and Thank You, Monica May!

A joyous group of fully-vaccinated Sisters, Associates, staff, former employees, and friends gathered recently at the Province Center in Belmont, Cal., to recognize Monica May, who has retired from her role as Executive Director of Development for the U.S. East-West Province. At her farewell party she was showered with gratitude, gifts, and good wishes by all who attended.

For an amazing 34 years Monica led our Development efforts, first in the California Province and more recently the U.S. East-West Province, and it is a mark of her effectiveness that during her tenure generous supporters gave the Sisters more than 45 million dollars to further their mission.

She furthered the sisters’ mission by maintaining strong and caring relationships with Sisters, Associates, former members and coworkers, alumni, and others in the Notre Dame family. This allowed those who appreciated the sisters and their mission to join in, and extend, the Sisters’ work through contributions of time, talent, and treasure.

Her success sprang, in great part, from her gift of gentle kindness. During her years of service, it was not uncommon for Monica to spend time after work hours reaching out to comfort someone who had suffered a loss or was struggling, or to congratulate and celebrate accomplishments and milestones reached. It is typical of Monica that, though she is no longer in the office, she intends to continue serving the Sisters as a volunteer!

Here are some photos from Monica's farewell party:


  1. Thank you Monica for your many years of gracious service. Keeping us connected was a treasure.
    It was an honor to serve
    with you.

    Looking forward to seeing as at Volunteer activities.

    Sue Lockard Digre

  2. I didn’t know you were retiring Monica. Thank you for being such a gentle strong leader and an example of a real Christian woman

    Now that you’re retired maybe we can go have lunch.

  3. How special to see such a wonderful servant of the Lord, our own Monica May, celebrated so well. God bless and keep you, Monica…you will be missed!

  4. Monica,
    Your extraordinary generosity and your loving heart have been such a huge gift to the sisters and to all of us who have known you and call you our friend. Thank you, thank you, Monica, for everything! May you enjoy every minute of retirement, relishing the gratitude and affection that is felt by so many for YOU!

  5. Thank you Monica May for keeping in touch with us all of these years. May God Bless You. Wishing you the best.


    Cathy and Jerry Jack
    Bradbury, CA

  6. Dear Monica,
    You certainly found your gift in the development world.
    Thanks for being you, such a gracious, giving person.
    Wow, 34 years is a VERY long time.
    Enjoy your retirement.

  7. I am a graduate of Notre Dame in San Jose and was fortunate to have Sister Monica as a teacher when I attended the school. Her kindness and dedication to teaching definitely contributed to the strong woman that I am today! Congratulations Sister Monica!! Many blessings to you as you embark on your retirement journey! Thank you for being such a profound influence! God bless!

  8. Oh Monica,

    We know it is a well-deserved rest, but will miss you. Don't want to lose touch. Wonder if you can send me your email?
    hugs and prayers from all of us
    Franca and family

    1. Hello Franca, and thank you for your nice note to Monica. To protect your privacy, I removed your cell phone number and email address, and will send them to Monica separately.

      (for the Sisters)

  9. I’d like to add my well wishes to you, Monica, on your retirement. Congratulations on the many accomplishments and milestones which were achieved during your 34 years of service. A well deserved rest is in order!
    Thank you for your kindness and support after the death of my dear cousin Sr. Kathleen McMullen.

  10. Congratulations on your retirement Monica. I'm happy to hear that you'll still be there as a volunteer.

  11. Congratulations Monica on retiring from your leadership role at the Development Office! You brought so much good to the sisters over the years in your position! You also touched the lives of many students, including me, in your role as a caring educator! May God continue to bless you! I look forward to seeing you at the NDSF luncheons! Martha

  12. You are the best, dear Monica!! I appreciate all you have done over your manny year of service. And though you are officially retired, I am happy to hear that you will now be a volunteer. I look forward to seeing you at some future SND events. Love & prayers to you,
    Melita Figueroa

  13. Dear Monica,
    You have been my link to the Sisters. Such devotion, for so many years. THANK YOU!
    Sending gratitude and blessings.
    Kathleen Barbera-Keen

  14. Monica!! What an amazing woman and I had no idea you worked for the province center for 34 years!! Your dedication and commitment to the sisters is shining example and I’m so happy our paths crossed while I worked up there!

    Love ya soul sister and congratulations!!!

  15. Dear Monica, Thank you for your years of service. You have been one of my links to the sisters.
    I remember your kind and gracious manner and your ever ready smile. Thank you for your years of service. God Bless you as you enjoy your retirement. Gerrie

  16. Dear Monica,
    We never met in person but your name and address were on all the SND correspondence I ever received including the yearly luncheon events that took place at Mission Dolores for graduates of Notre Dame High School. Thank you for helping to hold us all together through time and place. May G-d shine his face upon you.

  17. Monica!!!Thank you for ALL you have whole heartedly given to the SNDs. What a loss not to see your friendly face and name on the SND websites. Please enjoy a happy retirement and come see in Tucson! April is the best month for a visit and see the cacti in bloom! Door always open!!
    with Love, Barbara E.
    send your address pls!

  18. Monica – thank you for your many years of loving and generous service with Notre Dame. I know you will never be far away. You have given so much and know you are looking forward to this relaxing time of retirement and other adventures. May Julie's spirit be with you always…Kathy

  19. Hi Monica! Wishing you the best in retirement!! My family and I appreciated everything you helped us with!! Glad to hear you will still be there as a volunteer!!! Would love to connect again.

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