Sister Patricia (Mary Bernardine) Hutchison

Sister Patricia Hutchison grew up in Santa Barbara, California, where her father had become a citizen as soon as he could, but her mother did not apply for many years. She says, “I spent time as a child worrying about her being deported – to Scotland!

Pat first met Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur at age eight, when she was sent to Dolores School in Santa Barbara.  When the family moved, she also attended Our Lady of Guadalupe School there. From third grade on she loved the Sisters and wanted to be like them.

Pat considered the idea of becoming a Sister through most of her years at Santa Barbara Catholic High School until the call couldn’t be resisted any longer. “It was the spirit of the Sisters that drew me in, she says; they were simple, caring and approachable.”

As Sister Mary Bernardine she loved teaching, and enjoyed her students in elementary school, high school and college. Her classroom experiences included teaching fifth and seventh grades at St. Columbkille School in Los Angeles, being principal and eighth grade teacher at Our Lady of Guadalupe School in Santa Barbara, teaching history, religion and English at St. Francis High School in Sacramento and Blanchet High School in Seattle, Washington.  In 1977, she began teaching history at Notre Dame de Namur University.

HutchisonPatSister Pat studied at Stanford University for her doctorate, a transformative experience, she says, that helped her see our world in completely new ways.  She loved her 26 years as a history professor and administrator at Notre Dame de Namur University, and she made significant contributions to it. She chaired the Behavioral and Social Sciences Division, and was involved in many administrative committees. She looks back fondly at developing the team-taught First-Year Experience, a multi-cultural curriculum and service learning program for freshmen. “Students have taught me so much,” she says, “and have so enriched my own life. I have loved being able to interact with them.” Sister Pat was also a major contributor to the writing of the Hallmarks of a Notre Dame Learning Community.

One of the most meaningful honors she has received was the George M. Keller Teaching Excellence Award.  The vote from students and their expressions of appreciation for her teaching meant the world to her. Mike Callagy, now an Assistant County Manager for San Mateo County, was at an NDNU event at which Sister Pat was honored as a Trustee Emerita. He said that her Western Civ class was the best class he had at the college: "Sister Pat made history fun. She always had a spirit that made you feel great in class and encouraged you all the time."

Sr. Pat with two of her ESL students
Sr. Pat with two of her ESL students

Still an excellent teacher, but now at the Catholic Worker English Language School in Redwood City, Sister Pat has taught children, high school girls, and adults there. For many years she has been teaching English classes in the evening to Spanish-speaking women. Sister Mary Jane Floyd, PBVM, director of the school, says that these women are motivated and excited about learning English in their adopted country. “Sister not only brings years of teaching experience to our women, but more importantly, she gives them much-needed encouragement. Everyone is blessed by her presence.” For her part, Sister Pat marvels that she, a child of immigrants, fearful of her mother being deported, is now teaching immigrants herself.

Sister Pat often reflects on the great changes she has been part of over the past sixty-plus years since she entered the SNDdeN congregation, and the profound influences of Vatican II. When celebrating 60 years as a Sister she said:“As Sisters, we have all been through numerous transformative processes. At this time of Jubilee, I am grateful to be part of a caring community that can offer the gifts of compassion, loving kindness and gentleness to the world in these often difficult times, and I give thanks for the experience of life in all its dimensions: for challenges to grow and change, for experiences of wonder and joy."







  1. I entered the convent with Sister Pat in 1956. She was a wonderful friend. Sister Pat is brilliant and dedicated and an inspiration. Thank you for your years of service!

  2. Hi Sister Pat,I went to Dolores Elementary School and Catholic High with you. I was in the grade behind but had several friends in your class. I can remember taking the bus with you to Dolores School. I always felt safe with you there because you always behaved appropriately. 🙂 (unlike the boys 🙂 ) I am blessed by your vocation and long years of dedication . Congratulations on your Jubilee and how special to have it the same year as the Church. My Mother (90) lives with us in El Segundo but still has her house in SB so we go there often. Sometimes I see Sharon Foley at Mass. Wishing you All Blessings and Keep on doing all the good things you do. Sincerely Dawn Middleton Frederick

  3. This is the former Sherie Badowski, history and sociology major at then CND in the era of Dr. Celloti. I still remember your excellent lectures and enjoyed your classes more than his! I taught community college myself for 10 year (sociology) and I credit my own instructors for inspiring me. Currently I am a content curator for eCivis! If I have one regret in life, it is not entering the sisterhood and ignoring the calling. A bit too late at 55, plus I have two dogs I can not live without! I am sure I am not the first to tell you you made a real difference in the lives of so many!

    p.s. I did not know you are from Scotland. Part Scotch-Irish myself from early colonials, I am a big fan of Scottish culture!

  4. Hello Sister Pat, I am eternally thankful for the patience you showed me while getting through CND in 1989 as a Political Science and Spanish major. I started CND in 1985, you made a big difference as did Sister Pat McGlinn ensuring I understood what I needed to get through my classes. Thank you, have so many precious memories of you, and Pat. The untimely event of Dr. Celotti's passing traumatized me as I started my first year away from home, but your support and faith guided me back on track. I think the world of You.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind message to Sr. Pat! I'll make sure she sees it.

      for the Sisters

  5. Hello sister, I was in your and Dr. Celotti's world history class in 1981-1982, and it was one of the most entertaining and informative classes I ever took. I remember your nickname at the time was "Donnie and Marie." The class got a real kick out of that. By complete random chance, I visited CND in 1986 on the day of Dr. Celotti's memorial service, and I attended. It was quite a shock, and I was very sad because he was an amazing individual. I can still see him at the front of the class and hear his many jokes and stories. The two of you had such a great repartee. I graduated in 1985 and returned many years later to complete an MSM in 2002. I still live in Belmont with my family, and have many fond memories of my time at CND.

    1. Thank you for sharing your memories, Dennis! I will forward your message to Sister Pat!

      (for the Sisters)

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