Reflection on Psalm 1

By Sr. Kay McMullen, SNDdeN

Happy are you who do not go along
with the ways of the unprincipled and cruel,
with those who care only for money and power,
or those who scoff at the possibility of a better world,
but find your direction, even delight, in the commands
of Holy Wisdom, and are mindful of Her sacred ways,
day and night, in happiness and in grief.

You are like the orchards of peaches and almonds
planted by deep aquifers and full running rivers
which yield an abundance of fruit
and lose their leaves, only to blossom in Spring.
In all you do, you will live deeply.

The unprincipled and greedy are not so,
but are like noxious weeds in hot dry fields.
When the wind blows, they only spread
the seeds of their poison.

But you, walk in the way of Holy Wisdom
and whatever, happiness or grief, comes your way,
She will watch over you and you will be at peace.

So be it. Blessed be. Amen.