Retired and Infirm Sisters

Sr. Christina Trudeau with children in 1963. She now resides at the Mercy Retirement and Care Center in Oakland. (See her photo below!)

After retirement from full-time ministry, Sisters remain active. Many volunteer for community organizations, or tutor in schools, and all–regardless of their health status–are engaged in the ministry of prayer, including answering all prayer requests from our friends and benefactors.

Thanks to the generous help of their former students and others whose lives they have touched, retired Sisters live comfortably, and their health care needs are met.


Independent Living at the Province Center

Sisters and guests participate in a Mass in the Province Center chapel.

Many of the retired Sisters of Notre Dame reside at the Province Center in Belmont, CA, which serves as an independent living center and gathering place, and houses the offices of the Sisters and staff members that manage administration and operations for Sisters on the West coast of the U.S.

In addition to regular gatherings for meals, prayers, Mass and exercise, Sisters have the opportunity for activities like their book club. Recently, some Sisters have been participating in a Ph.D. research project in music therapy for which they constructed and are playing their own drums.

Sisters at the Province Center enjoy their regular book club meetings.


Assisted Living at Mercy Retirement and Care Center

Sr. Sharon Joyer supports the Sisters living at Mercy Retirement and Care Center.

When health concerns prevent a Sister from living independently, she moves to the Mercy Retirement and Care Center in Oakland, where she has the company of her Sisters of Notre Dame as well as Sisters from other orders, priests, and other residents. Sr. Sharon Joyer serves as coordinator for the Sisters at Mercy Center to assure that they have the best care possible.


Sr. Julie Bellefeuille celebrates her 100th birthday at Mercy Retirement and Care Center in 2017.
Sister Cristina Trudeau, pictured above in 1963, now resides at Mercy Retirement & Care Center.

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