Ongoing Work in Brazil

In Anapu, Sisters Katy, Jane, Julia, Maria Vagner and Zenilda continue to be present with the people in both urban and rural areas and to celebrate new and hopeful signs of growth in the number of base Christian communities.

Sr. Katy working with a Religion Education Group.

In the Amazon Regions, Sr. Bequi continues to accompany the indigenous peoples.

Sr. Jane lends a shoulder to a furry friend.
Sr. Jane lends a shoulder to a furry friend.

In Sao Luis, Maranhao, Sr. Ani accompanies Afro-Brasilian communities in their unending struggle for justice and equality and Sr. Sandra as an attorney actively represents the legal rights of the poor and excluded populations.

On the island of Marajo, Sisters Rita and Socorro accompany women and children in the promotion of human rights, and work for the prevention of human trafficking.

Sisters Josie and Rosinha are studying at the university in preparation for social work. While in Belem, Sisters Raminha actively contributes in the ministry of prayer and Tecla works with parish youth groups.

In Ceara, Sr. Lucyane’s work with the theatre of the oppressed awakens awareness and promotes collective solutions of community problems. Sr. Mary Alice accompanies fishermen and lace makers in their unending struggle to secure the lands and beaches from greedy entrepreneurs. Sr. Betsy is involved in educational programs to create awareness of the trafficking of human persons and to build national and international networks of support.