Trial News

BRAZIL, September 21, 2013:

"Vitalmiro Bastos de Moura, a Brazilian rancher accused of ordering the killing of American nun and Amazonian defender Dorothy Stang in 2005, has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for homicide.  The trial, Moura's fourth in Stang's death after successful appeals, began and ended on Thursday in a court in Belem, the capital of the violence-wrecked Amazonian state of Para." – from The Washington Post

The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur and many others in Brazil and around the world rejoice that justice is being served.

Farmers and Sisters prayed and marched outside the courthouse.

BRAZIL, JULY 8, 2013: Convicted killer Rayfran das Neves Sales has served less than eight years of a 27-year sentence for murdering Sr. Dorothy Stang. He will carry out the rest of his sentence of under house arrest.

Tom Stang, one of Sr. Dorothy's brothers, shared these thoughts after receiving this news:

"We, the Stang family, do not seek vengeance in this matter. We know that the gunmen were poor, enslaved workers of very rich ranchers who could not resist the temptation to buy their freedom at the hands of a gun. Our continued efforts are to see that the story of Dorothy's sacrifice on the altar of greed lives on. That her efforts and that of her comrades, the many other Sisters of Notre Dame still working for a sustainable way of life for the people trapped in poverty in the Amazon, continue to produce a solution to their poverty and the abuse of the amazing Amazon. It is with great sadness that we see the legal system so manipulated to serve those who continue to terrorize the good hard working people of the Amazon."