Blanchet High School, Seattle, WA

A journel snippet from the Sisters who were seeing the school for the first time in 1955. They aptly described it as "One of the finest high schools on the Pacific coast."

In 1955, the Sisters joined with other communities to staff this archdiocesan high school. Over the years, thousands of young Catholic women and men have received an excellent Catholic education at Blanchet.

Sisters who taught at the school include:

  • Anne Christine Barry, 1955- ?
  • Cyril Aloyse Darroch, 1955 – ?
  • Marie Barbara Buckley, 1955-1961
  • Jacqueline Golden (Mark Carmel), 1962-1964
  • Barbara Hanagan (Raymond Teresa), 1963-1964
  • Patricia Hutchison (Mary Bernardine), 1968-1971
  • Mary Wilma King, 1959-1963
  • Mary Laxague (Mary Bernard), 1962-1967