Cristo Rey High School, Sacramento

In 1856, Sisters of Notre Dame were invited to the Sacramento Valley to teach in Marysville. Exactly 150 years later in 2006, Sisters of Notre Dame with the Jesuits of the California Province and the Sisters of Mercy, Auburn, opened a new school in Sacramento–Cristo Rey High School.

Students pose in 2007 with the school’s first principal, Sr. Kathy Camacho, SND.

A college preparatory school based on a work-study program, this exciting school–and we don’t use that word lightly–serves very low income students who would not be able to attend a Catholic school otherwise.

In August, 2007, Cristo Rey High School, began its second year with 100 new freshmen and 92 returning sophomores. In the work-study program, local businesses hire students who job share with other students to learn professional skills at the same time that they earn much of the costs of their tuition.

In 2010, the school celebrated its first graduation.

Sr. Eileen Enright, RSM, President
Cristo Rey High School
6200 McMahon Drive
Sacramento CA 95824-3153
Phone: 916-733-2660
Fax: 916-739-1310