Holy Family Catholic Academy, Honolulu, HI

Holy Family School opened with two Sisters of Notre Dame (Sr. Mary Cornelius and Sr. Marie Alicia) and two lay teachers in 1956. Many more Sisters would come and enjoy teaching here.

Holy Family Grade 3 1966
Grade 3, 1966. Are you in this photo??

Are you curious about your old school? 

Sisters who taught or administered in the school include:

  • Yvonne Bondi (Marie Denise), 1975-1981
  • Noreen Cain, 1964-1969
  • Phyllis Cook (Julie Patrice), 1969-1973
  • Georgi Coonis (Georgianna), 1967-1970
  • Marie Patrice Donohoe, 1967-1968
  • Aileen Donohue (Barbara Julie), 1981-1985
  • Janet Marie Egan, 1969-1972
  • Judith Flahavan (Kieran), 1976-1980
  • Barbara Geib (James Marie), 1961-1969
  • Lucy Holguin (Lucy Julie), 1974-1976
  • Louise O'Reilly, 1976-1982
  • Dolores Pardini (Dolores Anne), 1976-1979
  • Catherine Pelletier (Agnes St. Jude), 1966-1976
  • Dolores Steiner (Joseph), 1969-1971, 1976-1978




  1. Sister Marie Alicia was my fourth grade teacher in the 1962-1963 school year. I am wondering if she is still living?

  2. Sister Marie Alicia was my third and fourh grade teacher too! I believe it was the same years as your 4th grade. I remember her fondly as a great tetherball player. We used green inkfrom a bottle in real ink pens, got Courtesy Cards if we did something kind, and the nuns had the little clickers they used for things like standing at the end of Mass to leave the church in an orderly manner. I remember them giving us "bonus" questions, one of which was "What is the most beautiful city in the U.S and the answer was Boston because I believe that is where their Mother House was located. Also, the cool breezes that came through the windows in the new school and they had no screens! That was the real Hawaii and glad I got to experience it.

  3. The picture is of Sister Julie Elizabeth's class for the 1966/1967 school year. I had her the year before, but my brother Jim is the boy on the far left in the middle row.

    Sister Julie Elizabeth was a hoot. If she was ever your teacher, you'll remember her for the rest of your life. I'd like to hear how her life turned out. She came from a huge family of 17 children and was native to Honolulu. My favorite story from Sister was when she and a couple of her brothers were finishing up their paper route one Sunday. The family lived in the hills overlooking Pearl Harbor. They heard a commotion and witnessed the first wave of Japanese bombers.

    My other nuns at Holy Family were Sister Marie St John for 2nd grade (64/65) and Sister Mary Louise (66/67) for 4th grade.

    If you have an original of this picture, take a look at the boy in the bottom row who is second from the far right.

  4. I too fondly remember Sister Marie Alicia and, apparently, was in her class at the same time in the early ‘60s, as Kitty and Louise were, based on their comments here. I remember diagraming sentences on the blackboard, playing dodgeball during recess, softball on the red dirt playground, and mass with the then parish priest, Father Mann (I believe.) There was also a lay teacher, Mrs. Vasconcellos who I recall together with Sister Catherine.

    It was a time of highs like sending astronauts into space and lows with President Kennedy’s death. There were friends that, unfortunately, I lost touch with after my Dad and family were transferred from Hickam back to the Mainland. The memories…

    And…I still think back to those times every time I put on a white shirt and khaki pants.


  5. I am so glad to see there are former students who are so thankful for there school. Fr. Sherry, My late father and many others did in early 1955 or 56 to set up class rooms in an old military building that was part of the old church complex. It is nice to know Dad's labor of love was the start of a Great Catholic School ! May God Bless all who have supported Holy Family and School over these last 64 years.Aloha ! Dennis

    1. Thank you, Dennis, for sharing this! Yes, there are many alumni and Sisters who remember, and would thank your dad and others.

  6. Aloha to all alumni of Holy Family catholic school, Honolulu. My name is Chad Dellatan and I was part of the first graduation class of Holy Family School '64. I had started first grade in 1956 and graduated in 1964. Wonderful memories of all the teachers there to include the following: Grade 1- Sister Mary Cornelius, Grade 2- Mrs. Rosskamp, Grade 3- Sister Mary Alicia, Grade 4- Sister Mary, Grade 5- Sister Ann Miriam, Grade 6 & 7- Sister Helen Loretta (aka Sister Superior), Grade 8 – Sister Ann Patrick. I was an alter boy, as well as one of the first students allowed to read the epistles during mass. Starting from the old wooden classrooms of the original building up to the 4 or 5th grade, I had seen the construction of the newer & existing buildings & was fortunate to move to the classrooms from 1961-64. Fr. Joseph Sherry & Fr. Lawrence Mann were the founding priests at the time. Memories of the old uniforms,i.e. white shirts & Khaki trousers for boys & white blouses & blue skirts for boys still remain with me. Home lunches were the only options at that time, so lunch boxes were the current craze. I am truly grateful for the outstanding education received & for the moral fibers that were sewn into our character development. Much Love & Aloha to all!

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