Notre Dame Elementary School, Belmont

Challenging minds, building character and teaching compassion in the tradition of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.

Notre Dame Elementary can trace its beginnings to the Sisters' first California school opened in San Jose in 1851. While promoting excellent scholastic standards, the school also believes in "educating our students to become reflective thinkers, effective communicators, and life-long learners."

Many Sisters have taught here over the years and in retirement went on to serve as teacher's aides and tutors, including Sister Helen Dugan, Sister Alberta Karp and Sister Joan Bernhart. In the fall of 2009 when Sister Helen turned 90, the NDE students made a poster for her, proclaiming "90 things we love about Sister Helen!"

Sister Dolores Quigg served as principal at the school from 1975 to 2007. On the occasion of her last day, one first-grade boy quipped, "You've been at this school a long time. I hope you've learned a lot!"

Sister Kathryn Keenan then served as principal and religion coordinator at the school from 2007 to 2021. Sister Kathryn Camacho also served as the school in various roles.

Now, Kathleen Jeremiassen, EdD is principal.

Kathleen Jeremiassen, EdD, Principal
Notre Dame Elementary School
1200 Notre Dame Avenue
Belmont, CA  94002
Phone: 650-591-2209


  1. I went to Elementary School at Notre Dame from about 1962-1967 or so. It was an amazing education that has followed me through my life. I continued to serve my Church most of my life and now my daughters are in their 20’s and they teach Catechism together every year and also work at the St. Isadore’s Faith Camp in Danville every year that was organized by a Dominican Sister years ago. I’m so proud of my daughters for walking with the Lord and I know my education and interaction with the Nuns of Notre Dame was was put me on the right track. I went on In my life to get two college degrees, motivated to do so from my early education. I am currently fighting cancer and feel like GOD gives me the courage everyday to keep going. I am also working on a manuscript regarding my religious life and what I have learned started with the invaluable training at Notre Dame. I would love to know where I could research some of the teachers I had in years past etc. so I can accurately speak about my experiences there. If you could tell me where I could find some year books or other references documenting my years and the teachers, principal, the way the school looked then. The ratio of girls to boys in the classrooms then. They had just started admitting boys before I came there to the elementary school. Anyway, if you could tell me how to get some imformation on the school in the years between 1962-1968 I would really appreciate it. I’m looking for staff, philosophy, news happenings and community projects , fiestas, other fundraisers etc. Just everything I can find about the years I attended. I remember in particular a MR’s. Linka our Spanish teacher. Her daughter was in my class. I don’t know if that was the correct spelling of her name. I’m also looking for a special Sister that taught me in second grade as she made a great impression on my life. Thank you so much for anything you can tell me or point me in the right direction to research these years at Notre Dame Elementary School. My time at Notre Dame was special and shaped my life in so many positive ways. My name in those days was Gina Weber.

  2. Hi Gina
    You were in my class

    I see Erin Ridgeway periodically as she lives on my bike route

    Philip Sanfillpo plays drums at immaculate Heart of Mary

    Tommy Gillespie was a career military person

    Sorry about your cancer!

    Your in my thoughts

  3. Hi Gina, yes I was with you and Fred Menzel & the gang he’s listed. Hope you successfully beat cancer.

  4. Hi Fred, I can still picture you & the others exactly. Say hi to them all. I moved to Chicago area after 8th grade then to KsCity area. I remember sleepovers at Erin’s & her braids, emailed with SteveP a time or two (dad had pharmacy in San Carlos/Redwood City area (?), Mrs Linka teaching Spanish, Kristie Linka walking her 4-5 Irish setters on the grounds after school, Julie Forman’s suede fringe coat, working the lunchtime snack bar, the cafeteria that became the library, the installation of the monkey bars (mandatory bloomers or shorts under skirts to use them), painted green outdoor lunch tables/benches, olive trees’ olives on ground staining our white saddle shoes, ‘Project Plan’ module learning, SRA color-coded reading, teacher’s lounge building being built, piano rooms, Mrs Young-3, Mrs Edminster-5, Sr Mary, Miss Galway,etc. Great classmates, fun years!

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