Notre Dame Elementary School, Chico

1929. First graduating class at Notre Dame,Chico

Father Dermody invited the Sisters to open Notre Dame School back in 1928.  Five Sisters were assigned: Sister Superior Mary of St. Gregory Driscoll, Sr. Marie Feicienne Ramazina, Sister Catherine Dolores, Sister Rita Dolores and Sister Joseph Mary.

The convent record shares of this time: "School opened on the sixth with an enrollment of eighty children, all lovely and docile and most anxious to please the Sisters."

Many Sisters taught here over the years, but by 1974 the Sisters were unable to continue staffing the school. In the few months of school that year, the convent record shares the feeling at that time: "Many people wished to express their gratitude to the Sisters and their deep sorrow over the loss. Needless to say, we too feel this sorrow."

Other Sisters who taught and/or administered at this school:

  • Catherine Arnoldy (Catherine SH), 1944-1954
  • Joan Bernhart (Marie Estelle), 1962-1965
  • Yvonne Bondi (Marie Denise), 1964-1968
  • Jeanette Braun (Marie Pierre), 1964-1967
  • Noreen Cain
  • Natalia Carrasco (Mary Benigna), 1966-1968
  • Catherine Davis
  • Aileen Donohue (Barbara Julie), 1951-1956
  • Nena Fazio (Mary Giovanna), 1964-1966
  • Barbara Hannagan (Raymond Teresa), 1967-1969
  • Bernice Heinz (Madeline Marie), 1948, 1951-1953
  • Lucy Holguin (Lucy Julie), 1953-1957
  • Alberta Karp (Alberta Marie), 1948-1953
  • Margaret Lederer (Joseph Louise), 1971-1973
  • Anne Locke (Mary Terence), 1963-1964
  • Nancy McCarron (Paul), 1967-1970
  • Kay McMullen (Ann Catherine), 1964-1967, 1973-1974
  • Claudia McTaggart, 1960-1964
  • Noreen Morgan (Valerie), 1962-1966
  • Caroline Sanchez (Francis Xavier), 1963-1964
  • Ann Stubbe (Francis Ann), 1955-1960
  • Julie Marie Thorpe, 1964-1967


  1. My favorite teacher at Notre Dame was when I was in first grade with Sister Francis Ann. She was the most beautiful, kind, and loving person I was blessed to have as a teacher. I hope she is still alive and gets this message.

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