St. Joseph Elementary School, San Jose

The Sisters opened St. Joseph's School back in 1940 and taught generations of San Jose children there. The school has closed, streets changed and a freeway built, but you may have memories or family stories of St. Joseph's safe in your heart. We'd love to hear from you.


  1. Attended St Joe's from 54 to 57 along with one older and one younger sister. Remember some of the sisters. Sisters Lucy, Mary Michael, Vincent, Peter (Principal?) I remember taking their lunch tray to them up stairs. The lunchroom was in the basement. My Mom looked in the lunchroom. To help pay tuitio.

  2. I attended St. Joe's in K and 1st grade along with my older step-brother and -sister. Our father was also an alumni. I have fond memories of those two short years and will be in San Jose next week. Can someone help me locate the old site with current cross streets so I can walk by?

  3. Holy Family Church was literally next door to St. Joseph School, at San Fernando and River St. That location is now where McEnery Park and the Hyw 87 are now located.

  4. Catherine, I went to school there from 1957 to 1965. The school was located on Delmas and Park Ave in San jose. The school was torn down in the early to mid 70s

  5. Correction, Tim Cervelli. I grew up on the 300 block of Delmas Ave and attended St Joe's from '58 to '67, K-8. I walked to school every day.
    St Joseph's was located at River St & Park Ave., one block south from Holy Family church located at San Fernando and River St.
    And to reminisce a bit, I was an altar boy at Holy Family from 5th grade until it was moved to South SJ.

  6. Starting in 1960, I was the first of 3 sisters to attend St. Joseph's 2yrs apart. I have fond memories of my time there and the life lessons learned there.

  7. I went to St . Joe's from kindergarten threw 3rd grade. Later it was torn down and the concrete company I worked for built Adobe Systems on the old school property.

    1. Thank you for sharing your insight about the old St. Joseph Elementary School site, Matt! Very interesting!

      (for the Sisters)

  8. I attended 1977-83 and have endless memories of St. Joseph school in my heart!!! I would love any photos of the old building! (inside as well? my family lost most of ours in a fire)
    I looked for a way to send Sister Helen a message for years, but I had waited too long and no one at the cathedral knew the school staff. She is one of the people I'm most grateful to, outside my family, from my childhood. Her kindness, guidance and spirituality saved my soul! As a child I suffered from deep depression, much revolved around theological issues as well. Sister Helen assisted me in individual religious studies through years of my many struggles, anything ranging from how I could sit and eat if children were starving in this world, to my ongoing nightmares or family concerns. She was truly a SAINT along my path and kept me connected to the good of God in my heart as I navigated unusual childhood struggles.
    I came from a family of many faiths, and ended up studying as a multi-faith minister myself, assisting mixed faith marriages, children with nightmares, and other services. I am endlessly grateful for being blessed by Sister Helen's gifts, so deeply during my formative years!

    I have always felt deep gratitude for my years at St Josephs school, where I received an excellent education from the caring staff's advanced teaching methods! I've used the speed reading training every day of my life! I have gone into education, teaching, admin. program and curriculum design, even for CA edu board!

    I can not express my gratitude enough for how blessed I was by my experiences at this school.
    The building itself was an experience in itself too!

    1. Thank you for sharing your very interesting story, Shereen! Though she is gone, Sister Helen definitely lives on through people like you! I will forward your request for images from St. Joseph Elementary to our Archivist.


      (for the Sisters)

  9. Hi Shereen (and others), I attended St. Joe's between 77-85 and also have incredibly fond memories of the people and the place. For those that may not be aware, there is a Facebook group you can join to connect with other St. Joe's alums. Pictures and stories are occasionally posted there. Search on St. Joe's Bulldogs and request to be added if you are interested. Go Bulldogs!

  10. I attended Saint Joseph’s from 1942 through 48. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Many memories of the Nuns, who taught us. Would have loved to have to seen it years later, but understood it had been torn down. At one point I had heard that it had been declared an Historical site.
    I remember my class, along with all the classes walking to Holy Cross church, down the street, also to Five Wounds Church, across town, which at the time seemed a hundred mile journey on foot. So many memories.

    1. Thank you for sharing your memories, Carol! Do you recall the names of your teachers? There are Sisters who taught at St. Joseph's living locally.

      (for the Sisters)

  11. I went to St.Josephs when I was a little girl. I was wondering what street it used to be on? I want to say it was on San Carlos?

    1. Hello Jill, and thanks for visiting the Sisters' website. The "official" address of the school at the time was 171 Locust Street, but it seems like now the address doesn't exist anymore because the combination of the highway 87 and McInerny Park is where it used to be. Former students have said that there's an Adobe Systems building where the school used to be, so I suspect it was closer to Park than San Carlos, but definitely somewhere in there.

      (for the Sisters)

  12. I went to St.Joseph's school in the 70's ,always wondered what became of the school? we placed a time capsule somewhere in the old St.Joseph's church in 1976-77 wonder if it was ever found?

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