St. Vincent de Paul Elementary School, Federal Way, WA

The Sisters opened St. Vincent's with fourth through seventh grades back in 1964.

Sisters who taught or administered at the school include:

  • Mavourneen McGinty (Mary Arthur), 1968-1982
  • Kay McMullen (Ann Catherine), 1974-1977
  • Claudia McTaggart (Joan), 1973-1975
  • Andrea Mendoza (Teresita), 1969
  • Nancy O'Shea (Anne Jerome), 1965-1968
  • Celeste Pagliarula (Marie Celeste), 1964-1965
  • Beth Plesche (Peter Marie), 1966-1969
  • Sharon Skain (Mary Fidelis), 1966-1968
  • Patricia Wren (Ann Joseph), 1966 – 1979


  1. Sr. Patricia Wren (Ann Joseph) was the Principal of St. Vincent's while I attended the school during the 1967-1968 School year (I was in Sr. Sharon Skain (Mary Fidelis') class. I don't recall what year Sr. Patricia began her work at St. Vincent's Elementary, but I believe she was still the Principal when I was confirmed in 1973.

    Sr. Patricia was such a wonderful example of inner strength due to her faith. In the late 1960's it was uncommon to see a woman in a professional position as her's and I admired her tremendously. With her encouragement, I had seriously considered joining the sisterhood until I reached my mid-teens.

    I am hopeful that this website will add the years that Sr. Patricia Wren (Ann Joseph) served at St. Vincent de Paul Elementary in Federal Way, WA and also the years of service she performed at The Mother of Sorrow's School in LA. I also hope it is possible to include the name she went by until 1968 (Ann Joseph) rather than simply listing her birth name.

    Rest in Peace dear Sr. Ann Joseph (Patricia Wren)! You are forever in my heart and your example of faith will never be forgotten…

    Teresa Nagy Powell

  2. Thank you so much for adding Sr. Patricia’s years of service at St. Vincent De Paul’s School in Federal Way ❤️

  3. Is there an online resource to find old class pictures?

    Looking for the St. Vincent de Paul, FW class picture for my little brother Ted Savage for 4th grade.

    These 3 years…


    1. Hello Paul! I'm consulting with our archivist to see if there are any photos on file, and we'll get back with you if any can be located for those years.

      (For the Sisters)

  4. I attended St. Vincent de Paul school 8th) grade from 1966-67. Sister Ann Joseph ( Sr. Patricia), was my teacher for the whole year. I remember that she had a calming presence in most situations. She inspired me to continue my Catholic school education as I attended Bellarmine Prep High School in Tacoma, WA from 1967-71. Then I went on to Seattle University, earning a MAPS degree in 2006. I strongly believe that what I learned from Sister Patricia that one year at St. Vincent’s, helped me to this present moment. I am still learning. Thank you Sisters! Joseph G. Hobson
    ( I still remember Father Willenborg handing out our report cards) RIP.

    1. Thank you for sharing your nice memories, Joseph, and for your lovely tribute to Sister Patricia Wren (1926-1999).

      (for the Sisters)

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