Whether teaching, counseling, praying, feeding the hungry or pursuing justice, Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur live the Gospel and seek to reflect the goodness of God. These are their stories.

To learn about Sisters who are no longer living, click here.

anncarmel-150Sister Ann Carmel Badalamente

After high school graduation, Ann Carmel chose to work in the family business. But after three years, she decided to enter the Notre Dame community. Over 60 years later, she is still thankful for that decision! Read about Sr. Ann Carmel's life and ministries.

aileen_bermingham-150Sister Aileen Marie Bermingham

While a junior at Notre Dame High School, San Francisco, Aileen and a good friend volunteered at a day care center run by the Holy Family Sisters. "I'm not sure how much we helped. I think we did it for the peanut butter sandwiches," she laughs. But later her friend decided to join the Holy Family Sisters and Aileen realized she felt drawn to the Sisters of Notre Dame. Read about Sr. Aileen's journey.

BernhartSister Joan (Marie Estelle) Bernhart

As a student at Notre Dame High School, San José, Joan admired Sisters who were vibrant and dynamic teachers with a sense of humor and freedom of spirit. She entered and soon exuded those qualities too in her many years as a teacher. Today her ministry is one of “kindness, prayer and presence.”

Bondi_150Sister Yvonne (Marie Denise) Bondi

As Yvonne remembers it, Sisters had always been a part of her life. As a child, Yvonne and her brother John went to Sacred Heart School and later she attended Notre Dame High School, both in San Jose. As she says, “The Sisters inspired me. They projected happiness and were always kind.” These traits kindled her desire to become a Sister.

SR-Gertie_150Sister Gertrude (Mary Joachim) Boracca

Gertie entered the novitiate and for nearly 20 years she enjoyed teaching children in Notre Dame elementary schools from Los Angeles to Portland. After a time of coordinating religious education programs she moved into an expected ministry of hospice care. You can read more about her journey.

Sister Jeanette (Marie Pierre) Braun

Jeanette's skills as an educator and a television producer brought her to ministry in many settings. Her her sense of beauty and welcoming spirit have infused much of her work. Read about her 60 years as an SNDdeN here. 

SR-Buhs_Carolyn_150Sister Carolyn (Mary Charles) Buhs

Sister longed to be a missionary and was sent to Hawaii. Wonderful years were served there, but it was not what she had in mind. She was finally sent to serve in Kenya and there she felt at home. Today she continues to serve in Africa, but now in South Sudan. 

Sister (Marie) Annette Burkart

Sister Annette's musical talents have been applied in many ways, including as spiritual director in a convalescent setting in Fremont, California. She has established deep roots in the community, and advocates for justice and tolerance in the diverse community.

SR-Burke_Joan_150Sister Joan (Rosemary) Burke

Sister speaks of the globe as "my village" and her ministries have taken her from California to New York City to France and Africa. Read about Sr. Joan's many ministries.

SR-Camacho_Kathryn_150Sister Kathy (Kathryn Ann) Camacho

"To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heavens." These words from Ecclesiastes hold significance for Kathy because her journey to become Sister Kathryn Camacho, SND, did not follow the traditional roadmap. It was a decision that needed its own time.

SR-Carrasco_150Sister Natalia (Mary Benigna) Carrasco

From the time she was young, Natalia knew she had a vocation. “I felt my call when I was about 12,” she says. “From that time, I always knew I wanted to become a religious.” You'll want to read about Sr. Natalia's decades of ministries as a religious.

SR-Coleman_Martin_150Sister Martin de Porres Coleman

When Irma graduated from Notre Dame High School in Alameda, she knew one thing for certain–she wanted to teach music.  She also liked the Sisters who had taught her and thought that maybe becoming a Sister was a path she should try. Find out where this path has led her.

SR-Cook_Phyllis-150Sister Phyllis (Julie Patrice) Cook

While inspired by St. Julie Billiart’s simplicity and loving spirit, Phyllis wasn’t attracted to religious groups and felt she wasn't "Sister material." It turns out she was Sister material and you'll enjoy reading about her six decades of ministry!

SR-Coonis_Georgi_150Sister Georgianna Coonis

“There was no doubt in my mind that I was supposed to become a Sister of Notre Dame, but never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d stay for 50 years!” You'll enjoy reading about her 60 years of ministries.

SR_DAnna_Phil_150Sister Phyllis (Philip Marie) D'Anna

Phyllis attended Notre Dame High School where, influenced by the Sisters who taught there, she realized that she, too, wanted to serve and make a difference in the world. Find out how Sr. Phil "makes a difference."


 Sister Terry Davis

Terry is a lifelong artist, who currently serves as the Director of Communications for the East-West Province of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. Her service as a member of the Notre Dame Congregational Leadership Team inspired her deeply. Find out how, and learn more about her life here.

SR-Delsuc_Liane_150Sister Liane Delsuc

Liane is still in awe of where her life journey has taken her. Part of her many years of ministry were spent in Peru. Nowadays you'll find Sister working in special education and in spiritual direction. You can read more here about Sister's journey.

Ruth Ella ThumbnailSister Ruth (Bernard) Ella

Sister Ruth is the daughter of immigrant parents, and she grew up learning to overcome challenges and improvise. This served her well during her years of teaching at all grade levels on the West Coast, but was especially valuable when she served in Kenya.

Sister Nena (Giovannina) Fazio

As soon as Sister Nena saw the film The Bells of St. Mary's, she knew she wanted to become a Sister, and she did! She even had to strike a bargain with her father to be able to attend Notre Dame High School, Belmont, but ultimately as an SND became a gifted teacher and much more. 

SR-Flahavan_Judy_150Sister Judy (Kieran) Flahavan

While Sister taught in many schools throughout California, she found a home in the Los Angeles Archdiocese where, as principal, she brought new life to several schools and also continued this role at Notre Dame School, Santa Barbara. You'll want to read about Sr. Judy's educational impact in Southern California.

avelina_garcia-150Sister Avelina (Guadalupe Julie) Garcia

"For many years now, I have been privileged to work with and help others who are poor. I am very grateful to Sr. Mary Angelica and many others who encouraged me along the way." Sr. Avelina is also very grateful for the education she received and uses it with joy. Find out more about Sister and what she's doing today.

SR-Garcia_Bernie_150Sister Bernie (Bernadette Marie) Garcia

Although she has taught every grade, Sister's favorite teaching assignment is kindergarten. She loves the age and the spontaneity of the children. You'll want to read more about Sr. Bernie's ministries.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASister Barbara (Raymond Teresa) Hanagan

Sister especially enjoyed teaching religion and history, and was inspired by the enthusiasm, and idealism of the high school students she taught. Today she continues to do what she has done all her life, reflect the goodness of God and find it in others.

Sister Geraldine Harris

Geraldine intended to become a newspaper reporter, but thankfully changed her mind and entered the convent. As a Sister she ministered for many years with developmentally disabled women, providing a safe and loving home and fostering their dignity. You'll want to read more about Sr. Geraldine.

HeinzSister Bernice (Madeline Marie) Heinz

Bernice became a teacher and found that teaching was a natural and joyous fit and one she excelled at for 63 years. Another great love for Sister was serving as a lector at Mass for 10 years. Reading and proclaiming God’s word gave her immense joy. Read more about Sister here.

Sister Michelle Henault

Sister Michelle came from Massachusetts but has made the Sisters' House of Prayer in Carmel her home as caretaker and host. Read about her life and her years spent in Zimbabwe here.

Maureen Hilliard ThumbnailSister Maureen Joan Hilliard

Known for her creativity, Maureen has primaily served as a religious educator in many forms, and regularly  leads women's spirituality retreats. Learn here how Notre Dame San Jose students continue to learn and grow through a project she designed.

Lucy Holguin ThumbnailSister Lucy (Lucy Julie) Holguin

Sr. Lucy was born and raised in Santa Barbara, and she returned as a Sister to serve in her home parish. A gifted teacher of young children, Sr. Lucy is devoted to her former students, as they are to her. 

0_maryellenhowad-150Sister Mary Ellen (Mary Ignatius) Howard

Mary Ellen's choice to enter the religious life wasn't entirely supported by her father who told her, "You're not the type. Sisters are neat and organized and quiet." Mary Ellen confesses, "I was none of the above." But what she was, and is, a compassionate and fearless woman who serves the poor. Read about Sister's life, including many years spent in Africa.

Pat Hutchison ThumbnailSister Patricia (Mary Bernardine) Hutchison

Pat grew up as the child of immigrants, always worried the possibility that her mother would be deported – to Scotland! A lifelong educator at the secondary and college levels, she now teaches English to immigrants herself. 

JoyerSister Sharon Joyer

Sharon began to pray in earnest about her future in high school, she explored three separate religious orders. In the end she remembers feeling such joy in the presence of the Sisters of Notre Dame that it was an easy decision to enter at the tender age of 17.  Read about her ministries and love of creation.

Sister Barbara (Barbara Ann) Kavanaugh

Barbara was born in San Francisco to a close and affectionate family. She enjoyed the performing arts and brought them to her decades of work as a teacher. Then, a surprising request changed her ministry radically. Read about her life here.

SR-Keenan_Kathryn_JubileeSister Kathryn Keenan

From the first, the international mission of the Sisters of Notre Dame with its emphasis on the goodness of God and special care for poor women and children appealed to her. Read about Sr. Kathryn's many ministries.

Sister Lynne (Lynne Marie) Knapp

Sister Lynne grew up in Southern California, she has spent decades teaching junior high students in Salinas. Read about her as well as some of the grateful comments of her former students and their parents.

SR-Laxague_Mary_150Sister Mary Bernard Laxague

After years of teaching in elementary and high schools, Sister become a professor at the College of Notre Dame and later the Dean of Students. A street on campus bears her name, an anonymous gift from a grateful student. Though retired, she remains active.

SR-Leahy_Teresa_150Sister Teresa Ann Leahy

After a high school singing trip to the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur novitiate in Saratoga, Teresa knew that's where she belonged! She's had a wonderful, life-long ministry of teaching and school administration that enabled her to help create "warm, caring places for children." Read about her life here.

SR-Lederer_Margaret_150Sister Margaret (Joseph Louise) Lederer

Having been taught by the Sisters of Notre Dame for 12 years, it was not surprising that young Margaret entertained the idea of becoming a Sister herself. One Sister in particular swayed her decision by her simple, holy example. You can learn about Margaret's many ministries and the interesting job she fills today.

Sister Angele Lewis

Angie is a native of the Bay Area. She was an energetic, joyful presence at Notre Dame High School, Belmont for a quarter of a century. She now lives and works on the East Coast, where her influence extends far beyond one school or location. 


LinehanSister Theresa Linehan

Sister enjoyed her early years as a teacher, but felt a calling to nursing, particularly working with the poor. For many years she worked closely with migrant workers on diabetes education and care. Today she has a vibrant ministry at a retreat center.

anne_locke-150Sister Anne (Mary Terence) Locke

"First, I wanted to be a doctor to cure the world, then a nurse to help the world," shares Sr. Anne. But after much prayer she found a different way to help people. She responded to God's call to become a Sister of Notre Dame. Read more about Sr. Anne and her work in Sacramento.

SR-Maritz_Joan_150Sister Joan (Mary Joan) Maritz

Sister always believed that if you tell students how good they are, they live up to it…and throughout her long teaching career it was proved true over and over again. Read more about Sr. Joan's life.

MartinezSister Jacinta (Mary Jacinta) Martinez

Sister has been a teacher and hospital chaplain and now helps plan retreats for staff and students on Notre Dame de Namur University campus. She is enjoying this time of "slowing down now and spending more time in meditation and contemplation." You'll want to read more about her ministries.

SR-Matasci_150Sister Barbara (Ernest Marie) Matasci

Barbara had always wanted to be a teacher and she loved the Sisters at Notre Dame High School (San Jose) who taught her. “Well,” she thought, “I can do both. I can be a Sister and a teacher.” You want to read about Sister's life as a teacher and her many years of ministry in Salinas.

SR-McCarron_Mary_Pat_150Sister Mary Patricia McCarron

When Mary Pat was in elementary school she often thought of becoming a Sister. She was taught by the Holy Cross Sisters at St. Matthew School in San Mateo, CA. and felt loved  and cared for by them. Click here to read more about her.

McCarronSister Nancy (Paul) McCarron

Nancy was attracted to the Sisters of Notre Dame by the spirituality of St. Julie, which focuses on the goodness of God and on education for justice. Sister has been a life-long educator.

Sister Eileen (Mary Daniel) McCarthy

Sr. Eileen is a San Francisco native that her students loved in all her many teaching assignments. Now living at the Province Center, Sister is generous with her time and help. Read more about her here.

SR-mcginty_mavourneen_150Sister Mavourneen (Mary Arthur) McGinty

Mavourneen felt the “wonderful mystery” of God’s call to become a Sister and counts her life as "pure blessing." She has served as a teacher, hospital chaplain and child care provider. Find out what she is doing today.

Sr.-Sharon-McMillan-150Sister Sharon McMillan

Sr. Sharon was the first woman in the United States to receive both a Licentiate and a Doctorate in Sacred Liturgy from the Pontifical Liturgical Institute in Rome. Today she serves as liturgy coordinator at San Carlos Cathedral in Monterey.

McTaggart_150Sister Claudia (Joan) McTaggart

Sr. Claudia's journey with the Sisters of Notre Dame began as a child when she was put into their care, and she has spent her life caring for students, others in need, and the Sisters themselves.. You'll want to read about her work.

SR-Mendoza_Andrea_150Sister Andrea (Teresita) Mendoza

After working for years as an elementary teacher, Andrea earned a master’s degree in marriage and family counseling and moved into parish ministry with an emphasis on working with the elderly. Today she enjoys working as a pastoral associate.

SR-Miller_Carol_150Sister Carol (John Gregory) Miller

Prayer and mission drew Carol to Notre Dame and she spent her early years ministering as a teacher. Later, with a degree in pastoral counseling, she worked with dying children and seriously injured adults. These days you'll find her teaching on the NDNU campus. You'll want to read more about Sister's ministries.

SR-Miller_Joanne_150Sister Joanne (Catherine Rose) Miller

Sister enjoyed many years as a teacher and administrator in elementary schools from Los Angeles to Seattle to Honolulu. She especially enjoyed teaching the boys at Mission Dolores School in San Francisco. Read about her life here.

Sister Noreen (Valerie) Morgan

Noreen Morgan’s ministries have included teaching in Notre Dame elementary schools in California and Hawaii, working in adult religious education, and serving within the Notre Dame community. Read more about Sister Noreen.

SR_Murphy_Roseanne_150Sister Roseanne Murphy

Roseanne entered the convent and went on to teach biology, general science, religion and English at her alma mater, NDHS, Belmont. Later she found her “true teaching home” at the College of Notre Dame (now Notre Dame de Namur University). Find out more about Sister's ministries at her true teaching home.

SR-Nelson_Katherine_150Sister Katherine (Katherine Mary) Nelson

Educated by Sisters from an early age, Katherine dreamt of becoming a Sister herself one day.  By high school, the dream faded and she got caught up in studies, clothes and boys! But a still, small voice pierced her conscience. "Becoming a Sister was something I felt I HAD to do." Find out more about Sister Katherine.

susanolson-150Sister Susan (Ann Joachim) Olson

Outgoing, with a tremendous trust in people and with a great sense of humor, Sr. Susan brings many gifts and experiences to her work with the homeless. Find out what startled Sr. Susan the first night she worked in a shelter.

O'ReillySister Louise O'Reilly

Sr. Louise has given her heart and gifts to many ministries, including teaching and 10 years on the California Leadership Team. She says of her life, "It has been rich and filled with unexpected blessings." You'll want to read about these unexpected blessings.

SR-Oshea_Nancy_150Sister Nancy (Anne Jerome) O'Shea

For Nancy, Notre Dame High School, San Jose, teachers like ebullient Sr. Helen Cecilia Miller (who recently died at 101 years of age) pointed the way to a good life: "I had thought about religious life for a long time and the Sisters of Notre Dame were so happy. I was attracted to that."  Read about her many ministries.

SR-Pizzo_Rosalie_150Sister Rosalie (Mary Christopher) Pizzo

Rosalie is grateful for the "gentle nudge" that guided her to become a Sister. She has had a wide variety of ministries and remembers three very special years in Rome at the Notre Dame Generalate as a hospitality coordinator for Sisters, many of whom were on sabbatical. Find out more about Sr. Rosalie's many ministries.

SR_Plesche_Beth_150Sister Beth (Peter Marie) Plesche

Sister Beth always knew she wanted to be a teacher and she became an accomplished early childhood educator. Kindergarten became her focus. She's now retired but continues to volunteer at Most Holy Trinity School in San Jose.

pozniak-karenSister Karen (Evelyn Marie) Pozniak

For this former Protestant, "religious life" was a foreign concept, but one that she embraced as she entered the convent after graduating from high school. She served for years as a primary school teacher before discovering her gift for working with the sick and dying. Find out how Sr. Karen is using her unique gifts.

f_sandyprice-150Sister Sandra (Edwin Marie) Price

One friend said of Sr. Sandy, "She has the spirit of an apostle, working where there is great need." And indeed, Sister has lived in communities where the needs are huge, but rather than get discouraged she rolls up her sleeves and, with strength and compassion, ministers to the poorest. Read about Sister's life.

SR-Proctor_Carole_150Sister Carole (Mary Alma)  Proctor

After graduating from Notre Dame High School, Belmont, Carole enjoyed a year of college and a year of working at General Electric before deciding to enter the convent. Since that decision her ministries have included teaching and counseling and wonderful years in Africa. Read more about her life.

RD Rodriguez ThumbnailSister Rosa Dolores Rodriguez

Sr. Rosa Dolores' Mexican culture has had a strong place her life and ministry. Orignally a Daughter of Charity, Sister joined the SNDs after working with them in the Pajaro Valley to serve agricultural workers and others in need, and empower them to advocate for their needs. Read this to learn how Sister is a part of Olympic history.

SR-Sanchez_Caroline_150Sister Caroline (Francis Xavier) Sanchez

Sister joyfully taught elementary school, but also found serving an infirmarian for elder Sisters a great fit too. Other ministries have included working in a shelter for women. You can find out what's she's doing today.

SR-Sheehan_michela_150Sister Michela Sheehan

From teaching to running a shelter for women to caring for fragile children and babies, Sr. Michela's ministries have helped many have a better life. You'll want to read more about her continuing work.

Sister Sharon (Mary Fidelis) Skain

During a school retreat in her senior year at Notre Dame High School, San Francisco, Sharon felt a call to religious life. Her mother was thrilled because for any Irish family, a religious vocation was a sign of being blessed. Now over 60 years later, Sister feels this life has been a gift and a blessing.

SR-Smith_Marilyn_150Sister Marilyn (Maureen) Smith

Marilyn never intended on becoming a nun, but she's glad she did. She loved teaching and had many happy decades teaching in parish and Notre Dame schools. More recently Sister has been begun a healing ministry.

Sister Jean (Mary Jean) Stoner

As a teacher, Sr. Jean discovered how fun it could be helping young women learn trigonometry, geometry and math analysis. After years of teaching, she went on work on behalf of the Sisters in many ways, including as their representative to the United Nations. You'll want to read about Sister's many ministries.

Sister Jeanne (Marguerite) Sullivan

Sr. Jeanne is a gifted educator of students and teachers who went on to serve the Sisters in many ways, but her favorite role was as a hospital chaplain. Unlike most, Jeanne was already an established teacher when she joined the Sisters.

SR-Tak_Paula_150Sister Paula Tak

The idea of ministry and service was always part of Paula’s experience: her father was a Salvation Army officer in South Korea, and one of her sisters followed in his footsteps. Serving as a Catholic Sister, though, was definitely not anything she ever imagined! Read about what changed in her life and the wonderful years of ministry that unfolded.

SR-Thiella_150Sister Barbara (Andrea) Thiella

Barbara has a commanding presence, a sharp mind, a heart full of compassion, and these attributes have stood her well as a teacher, administrator, campus minister and most recently in her many years serving as the chancellor of the Diocese of Stockton.

SR-Thorpe_JulieMarie_150Sister Julie Marie Thorpe

After she graduated from college, Julie Marie entered the convent on the hottest day of the year, donned a black wool habit and thought, “I’m here and I’m staying.” Much later, she would be missioned to a land of extreme cold–Alaska–and enjoyed life-changing experiences living amongst the Yup’ik Eskimos. You can learn more here.

SR-Tiernan_Liz_150Sister Elisabeth (Elisabeth Marie) Tiernan

With a sister and brother in religious life, Liz grew up thinking it was a possibility for her life as well, but she was worried, “I wasn’t the holiest one!” But her life has been one of great happiness and service.

christinatrudeau-150Sister Christina Marie Trudeau

As a young girl at St. Columbkille School in Los Angeles, Eloise knew that she wanted to be a Sister, "but didn't let it show too much." But she was always active, helping the Sisters teach catechism and bringing flowers and food to the sick in the parish. Find out how young Eloise became a Montessori champion.

Sister Nancy Uhl

Nancy Uhl had a full life in Los Angeles; she married, raised a family and her work was dedicated to serving others. After her husband died, she in time felt called to religious life and joined the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. Read about her journey here.

Sister Virginia Ann Unger

Virginia knew in her senior year at Notre Dame High School, Belmont, that she wanted to enter the convent. It was something she "had to try." Now over 60 years later, Sister shares, "I am so grateful for my religious vocation and the remarkable women with whom I have shared life. Life is never dull!"

SR-Waldron_Cathy_150Sister Cathy (Andrew Marie) Waldron

From teaching to parish ministry to counseling to leadership, Sr. Cathy's ministries have all been a joy and privilege. You can read more about her life and gifts.

SR-Wallace_Cecilia_150Sister Cecilia Wallace

When Sr. Cecilia reflects on her life, she finds a sense of fulfillment and inner peace. “It is hard to explain,” she says, “but it’s about being able to be there for people and the children.”  Read about Sister's many ministries.

SR_Yang_Magdalena_150Sister Magdalena Yang

From South Korea to Minnesota, to Washington D.C. to California – Sr. Magdalena’s entire life journey has been marked by God’s mercy and goodness, she says.  Her unusual journey includes her family’s Buddhist/Confucian background and a few years in the Methodist Church before becoming a Catholic. Find out more about her unusual journey.